Monogramming FAQ'S

MONOGRAM GUIDELINES The following are some general guidelines to help you determine how to place your initials for a custom monogram. 

 Monogram - Not Married Woman. The proper monogram for an individual that is not married is first name initial, larger last name initial, andmiddle initial (respectively). 
For Example: Susan Ashley Granger monogram would be as follows: SGA 

 Monogram - Married Woman The correct initials for married women to use, are those which represent her first name, maiden name and married last name. If all of the initials are the same size, then they appear in that order. However, if you choose a monogram style where the center initial is larger, then the initial order should be first name initial, larger married last name initial, and maiden initial (respectively).
 For Example: Nina Spooner Johnson's (Spooner being her maiden) monogram would be as follows: -Same Size- NSJ -Traditional- NJS

 Monogram - Husband and Wife When you are using a monogram to incorporate both a husband and wife's initials, the correct order is wife's first name initial, the larger joint married last name initial, then the husband's first name initial. The wife's initial will always go first. For Example: Kate and Alton Richards monogram would be as follows: KRA Monogram - 

Males Initials -The correct order of initials for a male to use is his first name initial, middle name initial and then last name initial if you will embroidering all letters the same size. However, if you would like to monogram the initials with the middle letter larger, the order to use is first name initial, larger last name initial, and then middle name initial. For Example: Michael David Holland monogram would be as follows: -Same Size- MDH -Monogrammed- MHD